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Price: One month supply – One bottle $49.95nail
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Funginix is extremely easy to use has no adverse side effects. Funginix is a topical treatment for nail fungus. Most topical treatments (including Funginix) are usually best suited to treat mild to medium-high level infections of nail fungus although Funginix does work on severe infections as well. The choice of active and organic minerals makes Funginix the most powerful topical treatment available.



  • It gets rid of toenail fungus
  • Has been formulated to be 100% safe for mothers who are trying to become pregnant
  • Has a high success rate
  • It has a money back guarantee
  • Available on line
  • 3 and 5 month supplies include free bonus bottles


  • Is not recommended for severe cases of nail fungus
  • Wearing nail polish while treating with Funginix is not suggested


Funginix is for any one with nail fungus. Funginix is recommended for all people with mild to medium-high levels of fungal infections and, it also works for high and extreme cases of nail fungus but, doctor prescribed medication may be needed (Ask your doctor). Funginix is also perfectly safe if you are on prescription medications and is also approved to use while being pregnant or trying to get pregnant.


  1. Keep your feet and hands clean and dry throughout the day. 
  2. Apply Funginix twice daily. Once in the morning before putting on socks and/or shoes and once in z-2the evening before getting into bed.
  3. Use the brush applicator to work Funginix deep under the nail bed and a finger or cotton swab to work Funginix into the cuticle of each affected nail.


Funginix has a 60-day no-questions-asked 100% full refund return policy. They are certain you will agree that FUNGINIX is the best nail fungus solution available.

If Funginix is not to your liking, you can call their customer service department at 1-800-589-8913 within 60 days to receive your complete refund.


There are three payment options, you can purchase a one month, three month or 5 month supply of Funginix nail fungus treatment.

  • One month supply: One bottle $49.95
  • 3 month supply: Buy two bottles get one free $99.95 (Best Seller)
  • 5 month supply: Buy 3 bottles get 2 free $139.95 (Recommended)


FUNGINIX is one of the best combination of anti-fungal agents, essential oils and fungus-fighting extracts available. There is simply no other topical toenail fungus treatment created to fight nail fungus that is more effective and complete. And with the 60-day 100% full refund policy and the bonus bottles of Funginix in the 3 and 5 month supplies I see no reason anyone looking to get rid of nail fungus should not try Funginix anti-fungal treatment.



Hi I hope you like the review, If you have any success or no-success with nail fungus treatments, please leave your comments below.

Yes pets can get nail fungus too!

Nail and Nailbed Disorders in Dogs

Dogs have been known to contract nail fungus. It starts as an inflammation around the nail or dog 1claw. Fungal infections, such as onychomycosis, can also occur in or around the nail bed. This may become noticeable when your dog’s claws and nails get extremely brittle (onychorrhexis), or have nails that crack, peel, or chip away excessively (oychomadesis).

 Common signs you dog has nail fungus can include:

  • Excessive licking at the paws and nails
  • Difficulty walking
  • Pain in the feet
  • Swelling or redness of the tissues surrounding the nails
  • Nail plate deformity
  • Abnormal nail color

If you suspect your dog has a claw fungal infection and if your dog is chewing or licking his paws a lot or the nails have changed color or appearance, have a veterinarian take a look. The vet will take a sample of the nail and place it under a microscope and confirm that your dog has or does not have a fungal infection.

Treating Nail Fungus Symptoms

Veterinarians will usually prescribe a topical anti-fungal cream for treating the dog’s nail fungus dog 2or in severe cases the vet will prescribe an oral antifungal treatment. The biggest challenge is keeping the anti-fungal cream applied to the nails. The cream has to penetrate the nail bed and to do that the cream has to stay on the infected area for a while making sure it stays on long enough to do its job. If your dog can’t control his licking habits, a cone-shaped collar will be required to prevent it from licking the effected areas.

Preventing Future Infections

To prevent future symptoms of a dog claw fungal infection from developing, follow these simple tips:

  • Give your dog a clean, dry living environment.
  • Feed your dog a nutritional diet.
  • Bathe your dog regularly.
  • Rinse and dry the dog’s pads if they’ve been in standing water or muddy soil.
  • Make routine visits to your veterinarian.
  • Keep your dog’s nails and hair around the feet clean and trimmed.

Dog is man’s best friend and I know you love your best friend so why not love your dog. You don’t want to see your dog come to harm so follow these tips and you’ll be doing everything you can to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Let us know if your pets have ever had nail fungus.

What Not to Use for Nail Fungus

Stuff Not to Use for Nail Fungus

Toenail fungus is contracted from someone else, it is contagious and you can Home Remedies for toenail funguspick it up at a gym locker room, around a public pool or at a beauty salon. There are a lot of home remedies that may or may not work. Some people swear apple sider vinegar works or tea tree oil works, but most of the health care professional do not recommend home remedy treatments.

Nail fungus is difficult to get rid of and once the fungus has embedded itself into the nail bed it is very difficult to get rid of. Once nail fungus has set into the nail bed the next best step is to get a prescription from your doctor or use a natural nail fungus treatment that penetrates the nail completely.

Some of the prescription medication can harm your liver or kidneys, so if you already have health issues that affect your liver or kidneys, using a prescription medication is out of the question.

Some home remedies may be risky as well

Some home remedies are risky as well, they may not be harmful to your body but they may not work either. Using a home remedy like oil of oregano or tea tree oil and soaking your feet two or three times a day over a 6 month period could be disappointing. Imagine spending 6 month soaking your feet every day and it does not work, What a disappointment!

Whatever treatment you choose you want to make sure it will work, you want your nail fungus treatment to penetrate into the nail bed, under the cuticle and under the nail. You also want your nail treatment to clear your nails free from nail fungus in between 3-6 month.  Depending on where the fungus starts, if it’s at the cuticle or if it’s near the end of the nail, your new nail has to grow out, so depending on what level the fungus is at you will have to give it time to work.

Does Vicks Vaporub Heal Toenail Fungus?

Does Vicks Vaporub Heal Toenail Fungus?

Vicks Vaporub is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use as a cure for Vicks Vaporubtoenail fungus. The company also does not recommend using Vicks Vaporub for treating toenail fungus. Some people have had success using with using alternative treatment including Vicks Vaporub, soaking in vinegar or applying tea tree oil to their infective nails but they have not been proven to do so.

What does the doctor say?

Usually when you visit your doctor about a toenail fungus problem they will prescribe an oral prescription medication. Some oral treatments have an adverse effect on people with heart disease or liver damage so taking an oral medicine will not work for them. Vicks Vaporub has no side-effects in the treatment of nail fungus which makes it a better choice for people who cannot take oral medicine.

Research Study

A research study at the University of Michigan found that a daily use of Vicks Vaporub cured toenail fungus in 32 people out of 85 people. Although some of them were cured It took between five and 16 months for the infection to clear up completely. Other proven treatments have better results and claim to cure toenail fungus faster usually within 3-6 month. Although Vicks Vaporub was used in the study and does have some proven results other topical treatment will have better results.

Treating Your Toenails

Vicks Vaporub can cure toenail fungus in some people, the study shows that it does work inFungus creaping under the nail 38% of the people studied. The ingredients in Vicks Vaporub include menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil, these ingredients may have anti-fungal properties that inhibit the growth of toenail fungus and allow a new healthy toenail to grow. The rub should be applied to the affected toenails every day. If you are serious about getting rid of your nail fungus you should use a recommended cure.

Vicks Vaporub Yes or No?

Vicks Vaporub seems to be an effective treatment for toenail fungus in mild cases, but risking five to 16 month for a 38% chance of curing your nail fungus doesn’t seem practical. When you chose your nail fungus treatment make sure you chose one that has proven credibility and one that works in a reasonable time frame. I have seen some products out there that claim to work in 24 or 48 hours these products are a scam, the medicine needs to get under the nail and attack the nail bed from either a good topical treatment or oral treatment or both.

Leave us the method you choose and what the results are..

Are your toenails black? – it may be caused by nail fungus!


Have you noticed a black spot under your toe nail that shouldn’t be there? If you have, there is a Black-Toenail-Fungusgood chance that you have black toe nail fungus. The cause of black nails may be from a number of thing it could be an injury or heaven forbid, cancer or nail fungus. If you have a black color under the nail it could be caused by nail fungus getting into the nailbed which causes black or dark spots.

If you have blackened nails and you play a lot of basketball or other sports it could be a sports injury or it could also be from toenail fungus. In a lot of cases toenail fungus starts as athlete’s foot. A sports injury or other trauma to the toe can cause your toenail to blacken. This is not toe fungus and you can relieve this by buying better fitting shoes… or what have you.

If you play sports and find yourself walking around in a gym locker room or a pool in bare feet you are very susceptible to contracting nail fungus. Athletes foot is one of the largest causes of toenail fungus and you should keep your feet clean and avoid walking around in gym locker rooms with bare feet. Injured nails are also more susceptible to infection. If you find your toes or feet have an infection you should visit your doctor and use an approved foot or nail treatment.

Toenail cancer I very rare so I’m not going to get into the cancer end of things, if you think it could be cancer because it hurts or doesn’t feel right, go and see your doctor for a professional opinion.

A fungal infected toenail can cause the toe to look discolored and even look black in color.

Symptoms of fungus causing black nails

  • Discolored toenails
  • Nails become brittle
  • Toes can become itchy
  • Smelly odor coming from your feet
  • Nails become thick

Fungal infections are very common. And as the fungus attacks the nail and penetrates into the nail bed, the toenail discolors to darker in shade. Eventually, the toenail becomes thick and brittle. Injuries to toenails can increase the risk of getting a fungal infection.

What do you do if you have black nails fungus?

If you have blackened toes from nail fungus you should start a treatment before the infection becomes worse. If you leave the infection to long it is more difficult to treat and get rid of. There are several recommended treatments that have a proven track record and seem to have good reviews. If you would like some recommended choices visit the pages linked on this website.

Toenail Fungus – Is It Contagious?

Is Toenail Fungus Contagious?

Toenail fungus may not be classified as “highly contagious”, but it is still very easy to spread a fungal toenail infection from one person to another, typically through sharing items that have come into contact with the infection – shoes, socks, nail-polish, nail clippers, etc.

Toenail fungus is contagious.

You can’t catch it on your own, it doesn’t just appear out of nowhere you have to catch it from somewhere – if you’ve got toenail fungus then you’ve contracted it from someone else who is infected.

The most common place to contract nail fungus is in the beauty or nail salon.

If a person who has a fungal infection has a nail treatment and the tools are not properly sterilized between treatments, or a bottle of nail polish is used on an infected person, it can easily spread to other people at the salon. When you go for a pedicure make sure to ask about their sterilization techniques and practices, you want them to use the same steam sterilization techniques that is used in hospitals and doctor offices – and take your own nail polish.

However, the nail salon is not the only place to catch toenail fungus – toenail fungus is muchWash Feet more common in men than it is in women.

For most people, the fungus that has infected their toenails started off as a case of athlete’s foot. It is usually spread by walking barefoot at the pool and in public showers or the gym, which is why you should always wear flip flops or sandals when in any damp/wet area.

If you have athlete’s foot and you haven’t proceeded with proper treatment methods, the infection will continue to grow and spread across the sole of your feet and onto your toes – and this is when the fungus will typically infect your toenails. If left untreated you can pass it on to other people especially people living in your own home.

If the nail has trauma of some kind it will make it susceptible to the infection – such as when you drop something on your toes, or it could be trauma on your toenails from wearing shoes that don’t fit properly. People who play certain sports like basketball, tennis or racquet ball are often more susceptible to a fungal toenail infection because of the sudden stopping movements that cause the foot to slide inside the shoe.

Once you have one infected toenail.

It is more likely to spread from one toenail to another on the same foot or even jump to your other foot. It can be spread by everyday items like your socks and shoes. Washing your socks isn’t enough to help prevent this – you need to do something in order to kill the bacteria or fungus. This could include soaking your socks in eucalyptus oil or bleach before washing.

As soon as you notice the first signs of a toenail fungal infection, you should treat it to avoid further infecting either yourself or other members of your household.

I highly recommend that you check out ZetaClear or Funginix if you have toenail fungus.

Diabetes and Foot Care – What are your chances of a Complication?

Diabetes and foot care

A lot of people develop toenail fungus in their life time, but it is about twice as common in people with diabetes. Diabetic nerve damage in the feet and reduced circulation and can prevent a person from noticing damage to his or her toenails.

Leg amputations are more common in people with diabetes and toenail fungus can lead to an Graphic of drying feetincreased risk for amputation. That means those ugly toenails can no longer be covered up and ignored. If you have diabetes, the treatment for toenail fungus will be a little different, and perhaps more aggressive, too.

Toenail fungus is not unusual and trying to treat toenail fungus yourself with home remedies is a difficult task. The infection lives under the nail and most topical remedies do not get through the nail to the actual source of the fungus. Foot fungus lives on the skin and for diabetes the doctor says that over-the-counter medications are not strong enough to eradicate fungus. You need something stronger.

If you have diabetes and toenail fungus you should:

  • Inspect your feet every day. If you are having trouble seeing the bottoms use a mirror.
  • Wear shoes and socks made for people with diabetes so they will not rub against and damage your toenails.
  • See a podiatrist at least once a year.
  • Use a proven toe nail fungus treatment like ZetaClear or Funginix.

Foot fungus or Onychomycosis increases your risk of secondary infections in your feet, which can lead to sores that do not heal. You do not want to go down that road.

What things have you tried for your toenails? Did anything work for you? I would like to know.

Does Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot Anti-fungal Treatment Work?

Does Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot Anti-fungal Treatment Work?

Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot Anti-fungal tretmant seems to have good reviews and is reasonbly priced nailcompared to some of its competitors. Fungi-Nail eliminates fungal infections by inhibiting the growth and reproduction of fungal cells. It eliminate fungus and stops nail fungus grows on the skin, underneath the skin and around nails. Some of the other non-prescription anti-fungals do not penetrate the nail. Fungi-Nail effectively kills fungus when appled around the cuticle and under the edge of the nail. You need to continue treatment until a new healthy nail have grown out.

Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot seems to relieve toenail fungus and is inexpensive – if you would like to leave your comments we will reply withit 24 hours.

Does Laser Treatment Work or Not? Or is it Just to Expensive!

Laser treatment for toenail fungus is expensive.

It has no proven track record. Lasers are anew way to treat nail infections by pointing the laser at the infected area and the laser light is supposed to pass six nice feetthrough the toenail and kill the fungus without causing damage to the nail or the skin surrounding it.

Laser technology looks promising and has raised great hope among people with nail fungus. Unfortunately, toenail fungus laser treatment reveals significant drawbacks that have been found.

There was a clinical trial done on a very limited scale aimed at testing the effectiveness of laser treatment. The clinical trials were not statistically valid as the health research for the new treatment performed was a small study and when large studies and performed small studies usually fail.

A one-time laser treatment typically costs $1,000.

Additional treatments may cost about $500 each. In most cases, a full course of treatment may require 3 to 4 visits. One treatment lasts only 30 minutes and there is no guarantee that the toenail fungus will come back. Patients will then have to wait 4 to 6 months for a healthy nail to grow out.

Toenail fungus laser treatments are expensive and still in there adolescence. I do not recommend risking thousands of dollars on a new and unproven treatment method. You are better off trying a cheaper option like ZetaClear or Terrasil Foot & Nail Anti-Fungal treatments.

I hope this post helped you.

Please leave any comments. I will reply within 24 hours.

Do you Have Nail Fungus? What to Look For!

Do you Have Nail Fungus? What to Look For!

An estimated 55 million Americans have the condition and seek treatment in a doctor’s office. Nail fungus is a common condition that can affect either the finger or toenails. How to tell if you have nail fungus, it usually starts as a yellow spot under your nail and can cause serious damage to the nail if left untreated or it can cause other infections. You can identify the signs and symptoms when the nail is discolored with a white or yellowish color. The nail becomesToe closeup brittle, distorted in shape and dull and lacks shine. If you have these symptoms start by going to your doctor and then treating the condition, if you know you have nail fungus you can also get rid of this potentially unsightly condition with natural non prescription treatments.

Nail fungus is most often caused by a dermatophyte fungus, or it can also stem from yeasts and molds on your nail. The fungi can cause nail fungus and can infect you and thrive under the conditions usually warm and moist environments. Places you can contract nail fungus includes public swimming pools and showers and at the beauty salon. Also your feet sweat in your shoes which can also cause your feet be in a moist condition.

Risk factors

Anyone can get nail fungus and certain factors can make you more prone to developing foot fungus. Risks that might make you a higher risk are age, which can slow nail growth, family history of nail fungus infections, location, if you work in a humid or moist environment or if your feet are often wet, being close to someone who has nail fungus or someone who has athlete’s foot, or having a minor skin or nail injury, or having diabetes, circulation problems, or a weakened immune system.

Recognize the symptoms

Nail infections have some typical symptoms that can help you quickly diagnose if you have nail fungus. Nails infected with fungi usually are thickened. The nail is usually discolored with a white or yellowish color. The nail becomes brittle, distorted in shape and dull and lacks shine. Look for dark color, which is a result of debris build-up under the nail, and in severe cases nail fungus can cause the nail to separate from the nail bed.

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